Welcome Back to School

Thursday September 5, 2019  (St. John’s. NL)

As thousands of students from all across the province begin a new school year, executive members of the Newfoundland and Labrador Federation of School Councils  (NLFSC) wish them the promise and opportunity of a new beginning in learning

ì This is a very exciting time for students, teachers and parents,î says Don Coombs, President of the Newfoundland and Labrador Federation of School Councils. ìThere are many activities to look forward to and numerous learning opportunities awaiting. A new school year also offers the opportunity for parents to build relationships and become engaged in their child’s learning. Nurturing positive relationships with the school principal, teachers, support staff, and parents is critical to the educational success of a child.î

President Coombs also encourages parents, guardians, community representatives and students to become involved in local School Councils.

ìParents and guardians are a critical component in the academic success of students, therefore it is important to be active participants in your childís education,î he says.  ìOffering yourself as a member of a School Council is one way to have direct input in important educational decisions in your school community. Parents who are actively involved in their childrenís education and school acquire a better understanding of the complexities of the education system. They have more confidence in their school and are eager to contribute to the atmosphere and life of school.î

NLFSC will continue to advocate and represent the concerns of its membership during the 2019-20 school year.

The goal of the NLFSC executive is to work in partnership with School Councils to ensure the best educational experience possible for our children, ì says Coombs. ì NLFSC is committed to enhancing the

quality of school programs and improving the level of student achievement in the schools, however in order to fulfil this role we need to be fully aware of any issues and concerns. We encourage councils and parents to email and phone us.î  

The NLFSC, the provincial umbrella group for School Councils, provides school councils and parent groups with a voice on education issues and encourages positive parental involvement at all levels of education. The NLFSC also offers information, support and guidance to parents and school councils to help them better understand the policies and procedures of their local schools, school districts and the Department of Education.

For more information please contact:

Don Coombs, President NLFSC

Phone: 709-589-5995