Administrators, teachers, and school staff are this province’s newest heroes.

The Newfoundland and Labrador Federation of School Councils (NLFSC) says administrators, teachers, and school staff are this province’s newest heroes.

“We have entrusted them to educate and safeguard our children during an unprecedented and very uncertain time,” says NLFSC President Don Coombs.

“Everyone is nervous and emotions are running high. Teaching is challenging in normal times for teachers, but extremely stressful during a pandemic.”

Administrators and school staff have given hundreds of unpaid hours to make returning to school possible. NLFSC is hoping school councils and parents will recognize their efforts and support them more than ever.

“Months ago, at the height of the pandemic we all came together as a province to support our essential workers. We cheered, encouraged, and praised them along. It is now time for us to do the same for the people who are risking their own health and giving their time, emotion, and energy to ensure our students are safe, happy and engaged in learning,” says Coombs.

“A simple thank you, email or handwritten note goes a long way in expressing appreciation and reassuring teachers and school staff that we stand behind them.

While we begin the back to school transitioning process, it’s critical that we all be supportive, kind, and calm. Our students are watching, listening and counting on us to help them adjust to new changes as they embark on their learning journey.”