Students Doing Their Part to Keep Schools Safe

The NL Federation of School Councils (NLFSC) commends students for helping to make the first half of the 2020-21 school year a success.

“Having reached the halfway point of this pandemic era school year we are reflecting on the contributions of many who are doing their best to ensure our schools remain virus free. It is imperative that in these reflections we do not overlook the remarkable efforts of our students,” says Don Coombs, President of the NL Federation of School Councils.

“Adjusting to a completely different rhythm of what is considered a normal learning environment hasn’t been easy for our students, but they have adapted to the new restrictions very quickly with an incredible amount of resilience and responsiveness. School Councils across NL recognize and greatly appreciate their efforts for doing their part to help keep our schools safe and open during this health crisis.”

Coombs says returning to school, for the first time since March 2020, was essential to the educational development and mental health of students, however it was also very scary and stressful. “They had to get used to many new infection prevention protocols and guidelines.   It was a lot to take in with so many changes. These changes are as overwhelming for children as they are for adults.”

Attending school and trying to focus on learning during the shadow of a global pandemic life, can be disorienting and limiting, but opening schools was the right decision.

“I’ve heard from many students and parents that being in the classroom, connected to their teachers and classmates has been invaluable. Like adults, our students are yearning for things to return to normal but until that happens, they are determined to do their part to limit the spread of the virus so schools can remain open. I am so proud of them.”