No Litter Boxes in Schools

NLFSC says they are getting calls and emails from parents who say litter boxes are being placed in schools to accommodate students who self-identify as cats and/or other animals.

“This simply isn’t factual,” says NLFSC President Don Coombs. “This is a rumour that’s been on the go for a while. A search on the internet tracks the spread of this erroneous information from the southern states across to Canada over the past year. There was also an outcry from people from the other Atlantic provinces recently protesting litter boxes being put in schools as well. It has been refuted time and time again.”

NLFSC says if a parent has a concern regarding their child’s class, they should contact the school administrator and/ or the school district to discuss or clarify.

Coombs also encourages parents to practice critical thinking and to check reputable sources before sharing potentially harmful material.

For more information please contact:

Don Coombs, President NLFSC
Phone: 709-589-5995